Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Instead of RedBox, how about a ReadBox?  No charge for rental of books!  You can keep them for two weeks, and then you have an option to renew them.  We have the latest bestsellers.  Want to hear a summary of the book or view the booktrailer? Just scan the qr code for the book you are interested in reading!  We have free in library pick up and delivery. Did I mention we have free checkout?  Our books can improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension and creativity. Stop by the library today!

The students have enjoyed scanning the codes and viewing booktrailers. We also recorded students reading summaries of books using Vocaroo. We created a qr code from the link and posted it on the ReadBox beside the corresponding book. Have you tried Vocaroo?  It is so easy to use! Need something new? Make a ReadBox for your school!

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  1. This is fantastic. I love your ideas because you seem to practice active marketing. The students, teachers, and administrators must truly benefit from your efforts. Thanks for another great idea!