Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do you want to be a crime scene investigator?

John Doe, a frequent library patron, was found at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 30th in the library by Mrs. Cooper.  There is no evidence of foul play, but there is an ongoing investigation into his death.  Come by the library and use your forensic skills to solve our mysterious death. 

In collaboration with our science department, we have created a mock crime scene in the library.  We have QR code clues, book clues, and many other hints for the most observant students.  This all started with a simple idea.  Nikki D. Robertson posted a picture of a forensic book display, and that set my mind to thinking.  One of our creative biology teachers asked, "Why don't you do that?"  I thought, why not?  So we decided to create our own interactive crime scene.  Students received a bookmark with their first QR code clue and are now investigating the mysterious death of John Doe. 


  1. What a fantastic way to get students into the Library during the last few weeks of the year. I want to know what dunnit since there is no who dunnit!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Would you mind sharing the details of your murder mystery? I'd love to tweak it to fit my elementary school libraries.