Monday, June 3, 2013

“Why not?”
Lessons Library Lady Learned from the Seniors of 2013

     The seniors of 2013 have taught me some pretty important lessons this year. The most powerful of all is, “Why Not?”  I started this school year pretty much the same as I always have for fifteen years.   I planned with teachers, prepared the library for another year, and thought I was on the right track.  I have always loved my profession, but at times I did feel I could do more. I just wasn’t sure what it was; then, walked in a group of amazing young men and women who turned my world upside down. 
     Cleverly disguised as library assistants, these young sages challenged all my traditional thinking.  We sat in my office and brainstormed ideas—not just occasionally, but most every day.  What could we do to promote reading, help teachers, and push ourselves to grow? We came up with crazy ideas and really simple ones too.  I am proud to say we implemented most of them and changed the way students and teachers feel about the library at our school. 
     Our mantra this year became, “Why not?”  As we thought of ideas that were too farfetched, we tossed them aside, only to resurrect them later as we thought, “Why not?”  When you really think about it, what would stop you from doing something great--fear, worry, lack of confidence?  Well, I had all of those and so did my students, but together we knew we could accomplish anything. To quote Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”   From dressing up as Library Lady in outrageous costumes and checking out books in the cafeteria to creating forensic crime scenes, I feel we have accomplished so much more than we dreamed possible.  We have created a library that is viable, relevant, and no longer invisible. Now we are the first place teachers and students come for research help, tech tools, great books, and a place to socialize. Do you want to know the best part? This is only the start--the sky is the limit.  Imagine what we can do next year! 
     As the year draws to a close, my wonderful seniors are graduating and going off to change the world while they will always leave a lasting impression on me.  Seniors, please remember the road that lays before you is filled with joys and hardships, opportunities and challenges, but most of all your future is what you make it.  So why not make it as awesome as you are???

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  1. What a great ending to the school year. I love the "why not" moto.