Saturday, March 9, 2013

Find Treasure in a Good Book!

Go green for reading! Library Lady celebrated St. Patrick's Day early with great books.   Who says reading is not a priority for high school students anymore?  Every Friday the students wait to see what Library Lady (L2) will wear next and what books she will be promoting.  As we prepared to leave for spring break, L2 knew that the students needed great books to keep their minds full of creativity and imagination.  L2 pushes her cart of books to the cafeteria on Fridays at lunch to check out books to all the students, but there is something more important than just checking out books.  The relationship she builds with the students is the number one priority.  There are so many awesome students that she visits with every week.  Some students may never check out a book, but a strong bond is formed.  Students know that they can come to L2 to get help with research projects, homework and a smile.  Sometimes we just need to let our students know that we care.  Remember, for some it may be the only kind gesture they receive that day. Being real and passionate about learning lets students know we genuinely want them to succeed.  In the great words of Robert Frost, "I am not a teacher, but an awakener." 

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