Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have you checked out SymbalooEdu lately?

SymbalooEdu is an interactive collection of all your favorite web tools, YouTube videos, Animoto videos, lesson plans, RSS Feeds, and much, much more.  
Create links to research tools, lib guides, e-books, and cool sites like EasyBib.  Having all the links in one place makes researching easier for students and teachers. Symbaloo easily embeds in library homepages such as Destiny.  Students love using the webmix with icons. Before using Symbaloo, I had a list of links to important resources on my library homepage. This frustrated students who were looking to find links quickly.  The colorful icons help students find resources easily.  Symbaloo is a great tool for student projects. Let students create webmixes on any topic and share them.  Students can also create e-portfolios and have a professional body of work for the 21st century. The possibilities are endless! Check out today!

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