Monday, August 19, 2013

Treasures from Library Summit 2013

Recently I had the opportunity to present at and attend the Dallas ISD and Region 10 Library Summit. What an amazing opportunity to connect and share with other professionals who are committed to making a difference in education. The fabulous Joyce Valenza was the keynote speaker. Her presentation was inspirational and provided a wealth of resources focusing on collaboration with students and educators. It is always a pleasure to hear her speak. Many talented librarians presented at the summit, but one stood out as a Google maven. Marsha Edney, from Marshall ISD, presented  "Get Stuff Done with Google Forms" and shared a variety of creative ways to make forms work for you. 
Below are just a few of the ideas Marsha shared.

Library Sign In forms- Have students sign in to the library on a Google form that time stamps their arrival and departure.

Calendar for Library and Computer Labs, Mobile Labs-  Teachers can view and reserve library space.

Parking Permit Database- Create a searchable list of student and faculty parking permits for increased campus safety. 

Class Research  Topics- Allow students to choose  topics easily on a form.

Pre or Post Tests

Freshmen Orientation Survey

Campus Surveys-Parent Surveys during Orientation or Open House

Book Requests Form

Student Elections- Marsha conducts all student elections through forms.

     You can follow Marsha on Twitter @EdneyLib for more great ideas!

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