Thursday, August 29, 2013

Got E-Books?

     Are you a Destiny user? Do you have Follett Shelf? Well, there is an app to help your students find the books they want!  With Destiny Quest students can log into Destiny to access their personal account. From the app students can search your online catalog, view books, check out and return e-books on the Follett Shelf, and manage their bookshelf.  
     I am spending the next week visiting all our high school English classes to show students and teachers how to use the Destiny Quest app.  I love the search feature in Quest.  Students can search my entire catalog of books, print and digital.  Students wanting a print book can put a hold on the book immediately. Students can view resource lists that teachers prepare and digital resource links to databases.  The account setting allows students to see any books they currently have checked out, titles on hold, and any fines the students may have. The bookshelf feature shows students what they are currently reading, books they want to read, and books they have already read. A new arrivals feature allows students to see the latest books hitting the library shelves.  Students I have already shown the app to love the top ten section. This is a list of the top ten most circulated books in the library. 
     I am a strong believer of books in any format for our students. Many of our students still love the book they can hold in their hand, but a new group of young people is emerging who expect digital content. I want our library to be ready for book lovers of any format.

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