Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cool Tech Tool: Blendspace


You may have previously heard of Edcanvas. Now it has a new name Blendspace.  This cool tech tool allows you to add content from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, files from your computer, and much more onto one page with one link to share.  Teachers can create easy to access lessons and tutorials for their students. Quizzes and documents can be added seamlessly.  Teachers can create classes in Blendspace and have their students create accounts.  Those students can then be added to the correct class. Once finished creating the lesson, you can play it, and share it with others. Blendspace lessons can be shared on Edmodo, Facebook, email, embed code, QR code, or you can share the link with anyone.  A searchable gallery of lessons is also available on Blendspace. If the author allows, you can copy the lesson and edit it. Play the video above for a quick tutorial. Create something awesome!

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